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Midland Model Lifeboat Show 2006

Sunday the 14th started of a little damp with a slight drizzle But with a forcast for a Dry day we begain setting up with a little concern that the weather may put a few people off But soon after we started members of the local clubs started turning up to give a hand with the setting up. Then the drizzle stoped and by 10am we had over 40 boats on display and by mid afternoon the sun even put in an apperance.


This year saw modellers travelling from even further a field than last year as well as members from the local clubs we again welcomed modellers from Stockport, Derby, Leicester with the addition of modellers from Gloucester and the south west tip of Wales.

With most of the boats taking to the water at some point in the day there was always somthing happening on the water for the public to see.

There was as last year a Harbour for those who wanted to test there manoeuvring abilities and a number of navigation marks to steer around or over which happened on more than one occasion.

Now with four 1/12 Severns at the show a photo call was a must. Now that Sounds easy. Getting three together was quite simple.

But as soon as the fourth one arrived one of the others would have moved.

But finally after 20 minuets of manoeuvring around each other they managed to get in line for a picture.


With the weather improving thoughout the day and a good turnout of boats it was a most enjoyable day.