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Arun Class lifeboat

A Model of the Arun Class lifeboat that was at Falmouth before the Severn has now joined the fleet.

John brought the model of Elizabeth Ann. She was scratch built by Brian Roff and will now be displayed along side the Severn To show the advances in design and Performance of All-Weather Lifeboats in recent years.

Here are some pictures of the Arun on the Water.


March 07


I have just replaced the motors in the Arun to give her a bit more performance and to get Scale Speed.

The new Motors are Graupner speed 900 running 60mm 4 blade porps the speed on 12 volts is equal to a scale speed ok 16 Knots. I have tried it on 18 Volts and well over scale speed somthing like 22 knots so I will just run her on 12 volts.

Here are some pictures of the results.


Here are two pictures with Roberts Severn