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Video Clips of the Severn on the Water

Below are some links to some video clips of the severn on the water showing things that are better seen in video than is photos. The sound system which can be heard on clips 3,4 and 6 is from JJC Electronics.

Warning some of the file are quite large and are best accessed on a broadband connection.

Video clip 1 (720 Kb)

A short clip showing the output of the bow thruster with the exit port partly out of the water.


Video clip 2 (1Mb)

A clip showing a 180 turn using just the Bow Thruster.


Video clip 3 (2Mb)

A clip showing a turn with the bow thruster then engines start and Powering away.


Video clip 4 (3Mb)

A clip showing engine start manoeuvring sideways with bow thruster and main motors and the driving away.


Video clip 5 (1.3Mb)

Two Severns together at the National Model Lifeboat Rally at Southport


Video Clip 6 (6.5Mb)

A Clip showing the Severn leaving the model pontoon.


Video From the Wheelhouse


We have now completely reworked the onboard Video system This has included a new camera and a new higher power AV transmitter which gives us a range well over 500 meters. A receiver and 7 inch LCD screen are mounted with the transmitter to give the helm an on boat view of where he’s going. As well as the screen we now have a handheld digital recorder that will allow us to record clips of this and post them on here.

Here are 4 short clips from the on board camera all are just under 1Mb in size


Clip 1

Clip 2

Clip 3

Clip 4


Here are some clips taken at the International model boat show at Warwick (Nov 11-13)

Clip 5 on the small pool with a Riva

Clip 6 on the small pool with a kettle

Clip 7 on the big pool with one of the new RNLI model Severns. This one belongs to Phil Locke who has changed the R/C kit and fitted new motors prop shafts props and rudders. It certainly got a good turn of speed.

Clip 8 on the big pool having a look around


We now have a second camera fitted in the back of the wheel hose looking over the stern of the boat. it has been setup soyou can switch between the two cameras from the R/C control.

Here are some clips from the stern Camera.


Clip 1

Clip 2

Clip 3


The Severn now has a smoke unit for exhaust smoke here are some video clips of it in operation

Smoke video 1

Smoke Video 2

Smoke Video 3